Rapetti Co. was established in 19.69. as a sole trader: Rapeti, whose owner is Alberto Peruffo, specializes in the construction of transformers in the railway category, and of aerial low/middle power transformers. During our business activity, we have had an ever-growing activity, and have co-operated with top plant design companies in the industrial sector, so that we have gained a proven professional experience in several fields.

Since 19.69 we are enrolled with the Registry of official suppliers of Italian State Railways, with regard to equipments and transformers in the matter of track circuits, thereby we also supply the most important partners of Ansaldo Alstom Bombardier, and so on.
In 19.97 Rapeti turns from a sole trader into a limited company.
In 20.04 we got the certificate in accordance with UNI-EN ISO 9001-2000, in order to give our customers a better quality and satisfaction.
Our most distinctive features are: the quality of our products, the fulfilment of delivery terms, a peculiar attention to a profitable working relationship with our customers.

  1. control boards for industrial automation
  2. equipments in the railway field
  3. appliances for medical treatments
  4. machine tools (in the fields of gold, metal, wood, and so on)
  5. factories and plants
  6. galvanic plants
  7. static uninterruptible power supplies
  8. telecommunication devices
  9. low voltage circuits on yard
  10. battery chargers for lift trucks

Currently our technicians and our production operators have geared up to product also transformers for B/T photovoltaic power systems.